Do you track your business?  You know, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Key Performance Indicators? 

If you are running a successful business then there is every chance do you are doing some or all of this.  Every successful business does some form of measuring and monitoring of their business.


It’s because you know that if you do this, you’ll spot what is working, so that you can do more of it and, equally importantly, you’ll spot when things are starting to go wrong so that you can stop it.

The whole point of key performance indicators is so that you can spot patterns in your business performance.

But even if you do this inside your business, how many people track their personal life in the same way?

Lots of people have started to track their health recently – your FitBit, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear will track the number of steps you make in a day, your heart rate and even your sleep patterns.  But when was the last time you looked at your Dashboard to see if there were any patterns that could help you to improve?

How much time did you spend with your partner last month?

When was the last time you spent some real time with the kids – on their terms?

How much time did you spend exercising or researching a healthy lifestyle for your family?

When I ask people these questions they think I’m nuts.  “Why would I track this stuff?  It’s obvious that I need to spend more time with my partner and kids. It’s obvious I need to spend more time looking after my health.  I don’t need some stupid system to tell me that.”

But it’s also obvious that you need to track your business, but you still do it. 

And why?  Because you know that if you don’t, then something is going to slip through the cracks.

Just take a look at the 8 out of 10 businesses that fail in the first 18 months.  Do you know how many of them were effectively tracking how their business was going?  Not a lot.  Many of these businesses are failing because they are not measuring what is going on within their business nor planning what they need to do.  Examples of this include cash flow problems which, according to a US Bank study, accounts for 82% of new business failures.  This, coupled with a lack of planning or over-expansion, is resulting in huge business failure.  With better tracking, measuring, planning and keeping accurate records of how the business is doing the risk of these things happening would be vastly reduced.    

So if you can see the benefits of tracking your business why not your personal life?

Surely this is more important, since you are always with you, whether at home or at work.

So what should you track?  The answer is that you should track anything that you want to improve.  After all, if you want to improve on something how will you know you have, unless you are measuring it.

A good statement to think about when you are deciding what to track is “I am at my best when…..”.  Just fill in the blanks. 

“I am at my best when I run for 45 minutes a day.”

“I am at my best when I take time out of my week for a date night with my partner.”

“I am at my best when I make 10 sales calls before 10am.”

“I am at my best when I engage with my social media following every day.”

And the more you track the better, because all of your good habits affect everything else and if you don’t also measure those things how can you see your progress.

And we all have bad habits that we want to change, don’t we?  We all have something that we want to change.  And all change starts with tracking, because the mere process of tracking interrupts your patterns.  If you want to lose weight, track everything that passes your lips.  If you want to improve your finances track every penny that you earn and spend.  If you want to improve your productivity track how you spend every minute of your day for a whole week.  Yes, this is a pain and may require some discipline, but imagine the patterns that you are going to find.

The more that you track inside your life the more patterns you will recognise.  And when you start to spot the patterns in the things that you do and the results that you get from the things that you do you are in a far better position to change the patterns that you don’t like.

You can do this yourself using a spread sheet or a simple pad of paper, but I have created a system designed specifically to monitor everything that you can imagine.  Why don’t you check out Daily Life Tracker, it is life changing software.

If you were to track your personal life in the same way that you track your business, how much better of a husband or wife would you be?  How much better of a son or daughter would you be?  How much better would you be as a parent?  How much better of a friend would you be?  How much better of a person would you be? 

“What gets Measured gets done.  What doesn’t get measured gets missed.”

(attributed to many people including Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Edwards Deming and more – take your pick – whoever said it, they were stop on right.)

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